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Here's a short guide for popular packing, crating, shipping and testing methods and standards:
In addition to those listed here, see Crate Pro Styles diagrams.

Common Plywood Box Standards
(Light-duty - to about 1,000#)
(Medium Duty - to about #2,500)
Common Plywood Crate Standards
(Heavy Duty - to about #30,000)
(Open Crates - various weights)
Common Lumber Box Standards
(Light-duty - often much less than 1,000#)
  • ASTM D6880
  • PPP-B-621
  • (There is no MIL-B-621)
  • (There is no MIL-C-621)
  • (There is no MIL-B-2427)

(Medium Duty - to about #1,000 or more)
Common Lumber Crate Standards
(Heavy Duty - to about #30,000)
Skid Standard
(Up to 140,000#)
Blocking & Bracing


Wood Quality

Free Military Specifications and Handbooks
Plus Access to ASTM International and British Standards for Transport Container Packaging

Standards, Guidelines and White Papers for Wood Boxes, Cases and Crates, Packaging for Shock and Vibration, Blocking-and-Bracing, and Transport Packaging for Shipping Containers

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