Update or Add a Company Account - How To

If your company is already listed on the site you may only need to add yourself as an administrator to make changes.

If you're company is not listed at all, you will need to add it by first Signing Up then adding your company information.

1> Check If Your Company Is Already Listed on the Site

(1) Check if your company is already listed on the site:
> Click on the Companies/Services
> Select the category of service you provide from the fly-out list
> Go to your country and specific region
> Scroll down the list past the Gold Sponsor listings to the basic listings. Basic listings are alphabetized.
If you locate your company, go to Step 2

(2) If your company is NOT listed on the site:
> On the home page click on the Sign Up button and create your log in. Your email address and password are your log in to your company record
Skip to Step 3

2> You Have Located Your Company on the Site - Add Yourself as Administrator

> Click on your Company name to see a detail screen of your company information
> Below your company information there will be a statement that "This company data has not been verified" . If you do not see this statement then someone at your company has already created an administrative account. Please send and email to support@woodenCRATES.org with your company name and that you are unable to access your company account. You may have as many administrative accounts as you wish.

> Click on "If this is your company, click here to create your personal account and verify this record."
>This will allow you to sign-up and add your email address and create a password for your company
(We recommend that each person whom will be allowed access or become an administrator, create their own email and password account. Once the first administrator account is created, that person may add as many other persons as desired)
Go to step 3

3> Enter Your Administrative Account Information and Add Your Company if Needed

(1) This information is your administrative information and allows you to manage your account. You may enter completely different sales contact information on a different screen.
Click on Submit after making all your desired changes

  • This screen will also display your Company Information below your log-in detail as its currently entered. Make changes as needed and click Submit

Skip to Step 5

Note: Email addresses must be unique for each company listing. If you have multiple locations please upgrade to an inexpensive and effective Gold Sponsor ad. Click here to see the difference between a Gold-Sponsor ad and a basic listing.

(2) If your company is NOT listed then click on the text below the Submit button for a window that will allow you to add your company.
Go to Step 4

4> Add Your Company

  • Enter your company information as you want it to appear on line.
  • A Basic listing allows your company to appear in a single Category of Service and a single Geographic Zone. If you have multiple locations consider an inexpensive and colorful Gold Ad. (information at end)
  • Select the primary Category of Service your company will appear in. At this point you may select only one. You may add more later
  • Click on Submit

Go to Step 5

5> Basic Listing Information and the Option to Add More Info

When you log into your Member Control Panel you will now see several menu options. To promote your company you have the opportunity to submit articles and press releases for free!

  • Articles must be educational. Please do not use this as a "sales" promotion. Your articles should include your contact information and company and links to your website or Gold ad. Use the Manage Articles menu
  • Press Releases should be 'real'. Our assumption is that you will also have posted this information in other media sources; newspaper, magazine, or on line site to promote your company and not just jotted of a few sentences to post here. Press Releases will be emailed to support@woodencrates.org
  • Industry Events can also be posted through your Member Control Panel
  • Need to hire someone? Job Offerings can be posted her as well for free!

(1) Within your member log in screen click on the Company Settings menu then the General Information tab. Information entered here will appear on line. All companies taking a Basic listing will only need to complete the information on the General Information tab

  • 'Summary of Services' field as this information will appear with your company name on the satellite sites. This should be a 2-3 sentence description of your products and services.

(2) Sponsor or Gold ads a very inexpensive and include an incredible amount of information about your company and services that can be viewed by your prospects. They'll allow you to appear in as many Categories and Geographic Zones as you wish. Gold Sponsor ads will appear at the top of the pages over basic listings and will rotate among the other Gold ads so no one is stuck on the bottom due to alphabetization. Additionally you may include links to a sales email, a web site and can appear in multiple geographic zones and/or categories for greater exposure. Create a full page of information about your company. All Sponsor ads appear above the basic listings on The Wooden Crates Web site as well as the satellite sites such as www.Packing-and-Crating.com


6> Future Changes to Your Account

The WoodenCRATES Organization is a member managed site. We count on members to keep their information up to date as well as let us know if they see any incorrect information anywhere else. Our goal is to have an affordable place to promote your business if you're a mom and pop shop as well as if you're a large multi-national location.

Also, WoodenCRATES.org is a place for information. As things change in the industry, such as ISPM15 or other regulations, we count on our members to let us know so we can add the information to the site.

Note that the advertising does not fully cover the costs of supporting WoodenCRATES.org and the eighteen industry satellite sites such as www.Packing-and-Crating.com. Funds are also received from Crate Pro Design and Costing Software. Your participation and support are appreciated!

  • We also offer banner advertising options which are priced extremely low. Please click here for information on banner ads which appear on all sites and all pages.