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This page is about Banner Advertising
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Banner Advertising on WoodenCRATES.org is easy and profitable! In fact, there is no other organization dedicated to the packing & crating industry. When you advertise here, you are zeroing in on your business prospects.

WoodenCRATES.org offers two different banner ads sizes to fit your advertising needs and budget.

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Banner Ad Sizes and Duration

Size 12 Months
468 x 60 pixels $1100
120 x 90 pixels $500

Banner Ad Specifications:

  • Your banner ad can be a png, jpg, jpeg, gif, or animated gif (at this time no flash). We will be providing new features for our Sponsor members which will allow your large (468x60) banner ads to show exclusively on your Sponsor ad page in place of any competitors.
  • Ad weight (file size) should be that which is considered reasonable by industry standards. For example, a 468x60 ad should be about 30k to 40k. You can upload heavier files but we reserve the right to deny an ad placement based on weight (file size).
  • Ad sizes shown above are the actual sizes for the final ad. Your ad MUST be one of the sizes shown.
  • Your ad resolution should be 96dpi or 72dpi. High resolution ads will increase the ad weight and will not display better.
  • Ads work best when they link to a web site but they don't need to. If you don't have a site, consider using an ad that includes your phone number. If you are a sponsor of WoodenCRATES.org, you can also link your banner ad to your Sponsor Ad in the listing area.

The WoodenCRATES.org web site has been designed to provide maximum exposure to your ad. Ad positions change daily so you never end up at the bottom of the list. Different people look at different ad positions. The top isn't always the best and the bottom isn't the worst. Making the ads rotate assures your ad will receive equal time in the best positions.

Certain ad types are not allowed. They include:

  • Ads that are unclear in resolution or in the message conveyed
  • Ads that contain a strobe effect
  • Ads that mimic computer function such as check boxes, submit buttons, etc.
  • Ads that mimic error messages or threaten the user if not clicked
  • Ads that offer prizes for clicking
  • Ads that land on a page other than that represented in the ad

Other restrictions apply to deceptive landing pages. Please ask if you have questions.

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Please don't ask us to create your banner ad. We are graphically challenged and can only make ugly ads. Ads we create don't meet the standards for our own site and we will feel guilty afterwards.

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WoodenCRATES.org also manages the following geo-located websites.
Your Sponsor and Banner Ads will also appear on all geo-located websites.*

In the United States:
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In Canada:
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In Australia:
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All Other Countries:

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Specialty Site:
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*These sites may be modified to better target their intended audience or more sites may be added. For these reasons all advertising on these sites are subject to change or termination without notice.

Geo-located sites are more easily found in search engines within their region. All geo-located sites are on servers located in stable data centers as close to the Internet backbone as possible making them preferable to Google and Bing.