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NIPHLE - National Institute of Packaging, Handling and Logistics Engineers

NIPHLE - National Institute of Packaging, Handling and Logistics Engineers
177 Fairson Court
Lewisburg, MD 17837-6844
Richard Owen
Fax: +1.570-523-0606
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The National Institute of Packaging, Handling, & Logistics Engineers (NIPHLE) is an association of packaging and logistics professionals who share an interest in the complex and diverse practices of packaging, distribution, and logistics. NIPHLE’s primary focus is on the connection between industry and government/defense packaging and movement of materials around the world. The NIPHLE program has expanded to include regular chapter meetings throughout the country and an annual national symposium of significant professional importance. Specialized classes and training courses are also sponsored by the Institute as a part of its extensive, continuing educational endeavors to improve packaging, handling, and logistics.

NIPHLE’s membership includes those who want to establish a realistic understanding of Industrial and Government logistics and to solve logistics problems through proper packaging and handling design. Individuals whose interests resemble the objectives of the Institute are invited to participate in activities of NIPHLE and requests for information on any topic within the expertise of the group are encouraged. You are invited to further explore the benefits of expanded affiliation with the NIPHLE organization. For further information, please contact the Executive Director or any Officer of the Institute.
Serving: The United States: MD