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Handbook of Package Engineering

Handbook of Package Engineering
ISBN: 1-566763-06-1
CRC Press
Joseph Hanlon
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..covers all aspects of packaging engineering, the publication acts as an admirable reference handbook--Norman Lodge, Lodge & Associates, Auckland -- Food News

Product Description
As our economic structure grows increasingly complex, so does the significance of package engineering. Now more than ever, anyone involved in packaging must have a one-stop resource to keep them abreast of new developments.

Now in its third edition, the Handbook of Package Engineering is still considered the standard industry reference on packaging materials and engineering. This text is a useful source of information for anyone involved in packaging. Designed as a refresher on packaging fundamentals, this complete guide also provides up-to-date information on recent changes in the materials and structures of packaging.

The Handbook of Package Engineering is designed to acquaint the technologist with the basic facts about the materials and containers of packaging. It reviews the essentials of production-packaging operations, line layout, and what machines are required to perform basic packaging functions. This text also introduces the increasing web of laws and regulations controlling virtually all packaged products, including the new determination by citizens that packaging shall not end up in their landfills, but be reused in new packaging and other products.