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Telephone number:    613-521- 6468
Fax number:   613-521-1835
Toll Free - Canada & USA:    1-877-224-3555 
e-mail:   cwpca@canadianpallets.com

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The Purpose and Activities of the CWPCA

The purpose of the CWPCA is to promote the general welfare of the wooden pallet, recycling, wooden container, box/crate and light and heavy packaging industry.

The History of the CWPCA

In 1967, seven pallet and container companies met in Ottawa by invitation from the Federal Government's Department of Industry, Trade and Technology. The necessity was to discuss the need for a permanent standard pallet in Canada. As a result of that meeting, these pallet manufacturers, representing only three provinces at that time, made the decision to unite and create their own trade association. After several meetings, these men received their government charter on November 6, 1968, successfully creating the CANADIAN WOOD PALLET AND CONTAINER ASSOCIATION. 

In 1975 the association directors modified the name to include the French translation, ASSOCIATION CANADIENNE DES MANUFACTURIERS DE PALETTES ET CONTENANTS. Over the years, this association has grown to over 300 involved members incorporating both manufacturers, repair/recyclers, wood waste utilization, light and heavy wood packaging and associate/suppliers across Canada, U.S.A., Australia, New Zealand, England and Europe.


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency - Forestry Section has informed all Canadian Wood Packaging Certification Program registered facilities to consider all exports of product to all countries (other than the USA due to a bilateral agreement) when solid wood packaging [wood pallets, boxes, crates, dunnage, etc.] should meet IPPC-ISPM No. 15 regulations.


Therefore, all exports of all units loads using wood packaging must be certified with an ISPM No. 15 stamp shown below. (other than the USA due to a bilateral agreement)

January 27, 2009

This association is encouraging your application to this members' owned and managed association. Link your company with the 195 active manufacturers of pallets, pallet repair/recycling/utilization, light and heavy packaging, boxes, crates and container and over 70 supplier members of Lumber, Machinery, Fastener, Kilns, Saws, and Consultant Members.

The association continues to actively promote and educate your industry.

Each year this association promotes two “Focus on the Wooden Pallet/Wood Packaging Industry of Eastern Canada ” and one “Focus Meeting on the Wooden Pallet/Wood Packaging Industry in Western Canada”. Annually we host an Annual Business Conference & General Meeting, a Scramble Golf Tournament in the Toronto area and a Pallet Tour of similar businesses in US or Canada and at times in foreign countries of interest. This tour is very well attended and one that all members find value. Please check our website for complete details.

If, after reviewing this material, you decide to apply for membership simply click on the correct box below, complete the forms and return by e-mail, mail or fax.

The 2009 Annual Membership fees have changed. All membership fees have been discounted by $100.00.: Manufacturers of new, repair operations, recycling, utilization, wood packaging and container is $495.00 Canadian or associate/supplier membership of $425.00 Canadian. Foreign and satellite members have also been discounted by $100.00 in 2009 to assist our industry in this time of strife.

Associate/Supplier members have the option of advertising in our monthly newsletter, lumber graphs or inserting a removable centre pre-printed classified ad.

Please fill out the application by clicking on the appropriate membership and return to the above address or call the CWPCA/ACMPC office for more information. No cheque is necessary until your application has been presented to your national Directors for approval.

Fraternally yours,

Executive General Manager

Serving: Canada: AB, BC, MB, NB, NL, NT, NS, NU, ON, PE, QC, SK, YT